Mahalo Commissions

Sales Commission Paradise

A commission calculator app for your sales team.

Real-Time Commissions

  • See Commission Estimates on each open opportunity.
  • View Commission Statements as soon as a deal closes.

Motivate Sales Reps

  • Track progress towards quota milestones and goals.
  • Mobile ready via the Salesforce mobile app.

Fast Setup

  • Use commission templates to define commission plans.
  • 100% Native to Salesforce, with no API required.

A Commission Calculator Made Simple.

Mahalo Commission Estimator is the easy way for sales reps to see their commission without ever leaving

Stop wasting your time with spreadsheets and give your team an app to calcualte their earnings in real-time.

With over seven years of experience in calculating sales commission payments, I'm excited to launch Mahalo Commissions to help growing companies streamline their sales commission calculations.

After some time living in the Bay Area and Seattle, my wife and I have returned to Southern California with our puppy Zoe. Beacuse we love traveling to Hawaii for sun and surf, I could think of no better name for this new company.

Doug Christ

Founder & CEO

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